About Us
Buurtzorg is a pioneer in healthcare organization established 10 years ago with a nurse-oriented model of holistic care that revolutionized community care in The Netherlands. Client satisfaction rates, staff commitment are the highest among the healthcare organizations.

" We started working with different countries and discovered that the problems are the same. The message every time is to start again from the patient perspective and simplify the systems. "
Jos de Blok,
Buurtzorg founder


  1. World’s largest Community Home Care Nursing Organization.
  2. Community Nursing Care: This is a team-based initiative. One individual is not responsible, the team as a whole caters to the patient.
  3. Follows the Omaha Care Principle which is a research-based, comprehensive practice. It is documented as standardized classification designed to describe client care. The Omaha System includes an assessment component (Problem classification Scheme), a care plan/services component (Intervention Scheme), and an evaluation component (Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes).
  4. Flexible engagement. Pay only for the service hours used.
  5. Associated services on demand
  6. Flexible engagement option.
  7. Team based services.


Buurtzorg nursing is a Dutch model of community nursing that brings the highest quality of care to your home. We take a holistic approach, providing both personal and skilled nursing care, eliminating many coordination problems. A trusting relationship can evolve and your nurses are closely aware of your needs and circumstances. As your personal health coach, we focus on your specific situation, environment and supports to identify what care, tools and guidance are needed! We guide you in recovery or during a disease process, help with monitoring and giving medication, and implement orders from your doctor such as wound care, injections, pain control, etc.

We encourage self-care and educate and support your family, so you and your support system can operate as independently as possible. We communicate with your physician and other professionals to ensure short lines of communication to find solutions as quickly as possible. In short, Buurtzorg provides effective, high-quality care at lower cost. We believe it is more beneficial to bring care to the home rather than move to receive care.